Wednesday, 4 March 2015

4th March 2015

Still on medical leave. Went to market for fried carrot cake.
All my shopping loots are here:)
Hey son, here are part of the stuff daddy and mommy prepare for u.. See you on End May or Early June.  #babygap #ralphlauren #zara #carters #mothercare
Here are the outfits for u to wear at home.. Mommy bought too much..  when mommy thinks of you, mommy will buy something for u and it ends up so much..
Here are the shoes mommy bought for you. Mommy is not crazy, she is a shopaholic.. 
Mommy is not going to buy you any new shoes until the day u can walk-mommy promised daddy.
When mommy is bored she will check the items that she bought for you and starts her imagination.
Mommy used to read a lot of fashion blogs. she mix & match ur outfits.
Daddy says his son doesn't suit pink too feminine.. So Mommy match it with grey..
Oh dear, mommy is too bored..
Mommy is very forgetful so she will take pic of the items that she has bought for you so she won't be buying the same thing in future.
Buying things and preparing for your arrival makes mommy entertaining and happy.
Mommy almost bought the pink stroller for you.. But daddy said No!! 
Mommy never likes blue, because of you mommy starts to like blue. 
Now mommy thinks the Aqua blue stroller looks better than the pink one.
Mommy misses her long hair but because of you mommy decided to keep it short..

The first thing mommy gonna do after her confinement is eat this super spicy Korean noodle and drink her favorite soft drink.. 
Mommy drank a lot of soft drinks during Chinese New Year and she feels bad now

25 Feb 2015

Back to reality! 
Today a lot of management ppl came to talk to me. Asking if I'm going to work after giving birth.. I told them I will be back for sure.. 
As for now I'm quite certain that I will be back although I know that my current job is not a "children friendly" one.. 😬
I think every sales and engineering related job are stressful.. To maintain getting my current salary I got no choice.. 
I need to start saving from today! We have spent too much!!
We never know that having a baby has to spend so much money!! 
Medical fees, baby gear, maid agent fees took us by surprise!!
Tim Ho Wan as lunch.
Hubby still on leave so he came to pick me up for lunch.
Feeling sleepy after lunch. 
Bought 20 items from gap USA and they made it to 6 deliveries! Angry or not? 
If they combined everything in a box like how Ralph Lauren and Carter's did, vpost may charge me sgd 40 only but now vpost is charging me sgd 60! 
What a great news!!!!
Juice time before dinner..
His new hairstyle really cracks me up!!! HahaHaha
Super tired! I have been visiting/meeting friends and relatives from cho 1 til now.. Pregnant auntie really need to rest now!
Good night peeps!!
End this post with my Nth time Lo Hei.

19th Feb 2015

This is the 1st time I celebrating my cny in Singapore.. 
Counting down with Lam's family at home. It's a warm and loving one..
Lam family say cheese
Lam family say huat
Today I got put effort in my make up.. I spent a good15 minutes for my make up.. My fatty keep gaining weight.. How leh.. 
With little kylie..
With granny!! Wish u best of the best!!!
With hubby fav uncle a.k.a 叔叔
Give granny a kiss
With the cutest bil.. Our开心果
Another family photo.. 
Took a short nap and woke up for this..
Singapore custom is cleared! Woohoo!! 
Hello Malaysia!

18th Feb 2015

Accidentally pressed the shelter when i was playing with my 
Went to Tim Ho Wan at Kallang for breakfast but they closed. Ended up makan at food court.
Omg!!!!!!!! Why my phone bill costs this much!!!! My mobile data usage is approx 12.8G per month!!! 
I should have used wifi at home!
I'm bored!! Wish to go home now!!
Lou hei with the family
As usual we got it from Conrad.
Steamboat starts now
With baby kylie..
My fav 猪脚.

17th Feb 2015

FIL bought so many pots of flowers to decorate his garden.
MJ is growing well.. 
Doc said my tummy got no stretch mark and he is very sure that I won't have it in future as well:)
So in love with this heels!! Girls that interested and allowed to wear heels can check it out at pedderred..
Went to Thai express for lunch.. I like their sambal kang Kung!

16th Feb 2015

Hubby collected my parcels.. 
Can't wait to go home to check them out.
Really got no mood to work leh.. Aiks.. I'm in holiday mood ady. I'm now thinking to unpack all my parcels and arrange nicely in the wardrobe. 
Our helper will be here in March, the 1st thing I want her to do is wash all MJ clothes. 
My appointment with my gynae is on tmr. 
Can't wait to see my son!!! 
My Frens and family members always ask me to talk to my son, tell him to have big eyes, sharp nose, fair skin and etc.. 
I have never mentioned all these to my son before.. The only thing that I wish is him to be healthy. 
Busy unpacking.. 

15th Feb 2015
This is what my fatty doing now.. He had gained too much weight..
Loo's hainanese curry rice as breakfast..
Windows shopping at Orchard. Went to check out the ysl sling bag that I am aiming.. It costs Sgd2,890. I did not buy in the end although hubby keep saying he wants to buy for me.. I keep saying Siao.. But in my heart I feel happy.. 有心就好啦。
Lunch time! Omakase burger!
Tea time at arteastiq...
Spent my afternoon with wonderful people..
Dinner at ippudo! 
Love their lotus root chips...
Hubby's ramen..
And my not so spicy ramen...
I was so mad at my sis because she left my camera at the restaurant. 
I realized the camera was not in my bag 10 minutes after we left the restaurant. She said she had passed the camera to me!?!? 
In the end she recalled she left it on the chair..
Trist ran back to the restaurant to check and found it on the floor ( under my sister's seat)..

14th  Feb 2015
Bought this camera for hubby as his V-day gift. It is so difficult to find it at local store so I buy it online. Hopefully it will arrive today! 
Told hubby don't plan any Valentine's Day dinner.. 
Most probably will rest at home for the entire day..
Thanks hubby for the wonderful home cook fried bee hoon..
His gift is finally here!!! Our Valentine's Day gifts..
1st pic from instax mini 90.. 
I didn't know the front button is the shutter button, so I anyhow pressed..
Took another pic after reading the shooting guide from Internet.. Hmm.. Not the perfect one but still better than the 1st one..
Went to W39 for lunch with cousin/sis..
1st selfie using my v day gift..
Fatty and chubby.. #24weeks
Too beautiful.. Should hint hubby to buy from this florist in future.. 

13th Feb 2015
Ordered and received this set of bed sheet from groupon. Wanted to use it on Chinese New Year..
Went upstairs and saw this.. .. MIL helped me to change bed sheet.. #uselessdaugtherinlaw
If I change it to the new set that I've just bought I think I deserve to go hell...
Bought bibdana from ETSY.. I'm so in love with all these cute baby stuffs..
Yesterday night I couldn't feel my baby move again:( 
The daddy wanted to make cold drink for me. I refuse to drink for sure! Then I asked the daddy to sing.. 
Baby started to move right after the 1st sentence of "baa baa black sheep"! 
I'm not sure he hates or loves his daddy singing..
My hubby sent me this!! Duffy's gf is here! Can't wait to see her.. I'm a Duffy fan..

12th Feb 2015
Trist is queuing for lim Chee Guan bak kua. He took this photo after 4 hours queuing. è¾›è‹¦äº†
11th Feb 2015
A cup of hot chocolate to relieve the upset stomach.
It seems like vpost take forever to deliver my parcels.. Will try borderlinx for my next parcel.
1st #louhei of the year
Group pic before makan
Very yummy Yam + salted egg crab

9th Feb 2015

Woke up early this morning, looking back at my pre wedding photoshoot made me miss New Zealand so much. 
Last year was a happening year for me. Pre wedding photo shoot in NZ, Thailand trip with hubby, Hongkong trip with friends, Malaysia wedding ceremony, Singapore wedding ceremony, Europe honeymoon, pregnancy..
I took 3 weeks unpaid leave and I'm happy to say that I'm still performing quite well at work.. 
This year, I feel stress about the uncertain future. 
Especially at work. To be honest I'm ok with my work scope but I hate dealing with irresponsible person as this kind of ppl always ruin the entire project. Sigh. I'm not sure can I still dealing with all this shit after MJ come to this world.
Other things that came to my mind: 
-Tummy getting bigger and heavier.. Do I look like a penguin, bear or pig?
-is my baby growing well?
- why I can't see my baby movement? And why he is not active in the noon? Is he growing well?
-why my skin so dry.. 
-Scar on my nose ( I walked into glass wall and caused the scar) become more obvious and made me very upset. 
-Terrified of getting stretch marks.. 
-How much vpost will charge me for my parcels from USA.Will it be $300?
Well there are so many other things to be thankful for. 
Yeah! Happiness is a choice. So I'm still feeling blessed. 
Monday blues is over!
Another pic of the beautiful lake .. 
When should I collect the stroller? Gotta arrange delivery for the car seat, stroller and baby cot.. Hubby suggested early May but I prefer it to be delivered in April..
We have chosen the Aqua blue/Tiffany blue one.. If I have a daughter I wil definitely buy the pink one!!

4th Feb 2015

What a busy day. Did not finish my submission yesterday so came office earlier to finish it. Sigh. Suppose to be on time if our department secretary is helping me in printing. I'm 4 minutes late!
Sweet surprise from hubby.. 

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